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Monday, February 24, 2020

FIFA 21 release date, PS5 news and everything we know about EA’s next-gen game - GW

With the introduction of next-gen consoles, 2020 is expected to be a huge year for gamers. Many are wondering if EA ill make a big splash with its next iteration of FIFA on the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Every year, the release of the next game in the FIFA franchise is huge for football fans.
FIFA 21 could potentially be the most highly anticipated in years, as it will be the first released on Sony’s new PS5 and Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X.

FIFA 20 gave us the return of street football in the form of Volta, which was widely praised as a great addition.
The game also improved defending and tweaked AI to make the game feel more realistic, which improved gameplay.
However, it was certainly not a game without its flaws, and there are many things fans would like to see improved for the next version of the game.
Here is everything we know about FIFA 21 so far, including potential release date and what we’d like to see from the next issue in the FIFA franchise.

When will the FIFA 21 release date be?

There hasn’t been an official announcement of when FIFA 21 will be released, but the formula in recent years has been releasing the game on the last Friday of September.
FIFA 20 was announced in June and released officially on September 27, 2019 with FIFA 19 on September 28 the year before.
In all likelihood, this means FIFA 21 will be coming out on September 25, 2020, although no one can be sure.
EA usually release the demo for the game about two weeks before the full release, so expect that in mid September.
Invites for the closed beta are predicted to be sent out somewhere between late July and early August.

Will FIFA 21 be cross-platform?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are expected to coming out between October and December 2020, which means FIFA 21 will have already been released.
Sony and Microsoft have made it clear that having backwards compatibility is essential on their new consoles, so the game for current consoles will almost definitely work on the next-gen.
However, it’s highly likely that EA will still release a version of FIFA 21 for the new consoles, even if its just a graphical update.
The new consoles are promising vastly increased loading speeds, better lighting and graphics which should make FIFA 21 the prettiest yet, giving us the best looking players, fans and stadiums we’ve ever seen.
Play your cards right and you might end up with Sancho
Play your cards right and you might end up with Sancho 

What do we want to see for FIFA 21?

Improvements to Volta
Volta was a great addition to FIFA, particularly for fans yearning for the nostalgia of FIFA Street.
There is definitely still improvements to be made to the street football feature, including a Pro Clubs style multiplayer and far more customisation for your player.
An Ultimate Team style game mode for Volta would be great too, picking your all-star five-a-side street team to take on other gamers could take the game-mode to the next step.
Better Career Mode
FIFA fans have been calling out for this for years, and its finally time EA does something about it.
The game mode has become stale, with little improvements made for a long time.
Increased interactions and player potential-performance based changes are not the answer to solving what should be the franchises flagship game mode.
A better and more realistic transfer system is needed - The AI constantly makes head scratching transfer decisions that beggars belief. EA, Man City signing Chris Smalling isn’t going to happen.
We also want to see the introduction of youth and reserve squads that play in their own respective leagues.
Too often you bring in a player for the future that isn’t ready to start for the first-team and doesn’t improve.
Having a full youth and reserve squad to keep young players in to improve with a monthly report of how they’re getting on would be a huge addition
Fairer Ultimate Team
The pay-to-win aspect of FUT has become a nightmare for new players.
In order to be competitive, you have to pump some serious cash into buying packs.
While EA will never stop real money in-game purchases, to combat this problem, we’d like to see EA increase the value of packs, making sure star players are easier to come by.
We'd also like to see EA atweak the matchmaking systems, making sure you always play a team of similar value to your own.
Women's Super League

Adding some new leagues would be nice for FIFA 21, particularly the Women’s Super League.
The WSL 1 and 2 are becoming more popular and being able to play with the best women’s club stars would be a great addition.
The introduction of women’s international teams a few years ago was good, but its time to introduce women club football into the FIFA franchise.

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