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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Tank Mechanic Simulator - Custom Decals Guide (How to Make and Replace) - VG247

In this guide i will try to explain as simply as possible how to make custom decals/posters, Or replace them of your liking.

How to Make and Replace Decals or Posters


This guide is aimed to help you in making custom decals / pictures.

The rest of the guide is quite old school for the older build.

The newer build comes shipped with Custom assets PDF to also help you, located in:

\steamapps\common\TankMechanicSimulator\ModdingTools\PDF Instructions\TMS Custom Assets.pdf

File Systems Used in Game

  • Camo (TGA)
  • Decals (TGA)
  • Posters (TGA)
  • Flags (PNG)
  • Museum stands (PNG)


First we will need editing software that can make files in .TGA format

I like to use Paint(net) you can get it here completely free and easy to use,

Important! Do not compress the pictures.

Note: More software could possibly do this job (must have .TGA format)

Finding the Game Files for Adding or Replacing Pictures

Now we find the files location, which would be here.

Common location

This is for when the game is on the same drive.

steamapps\common\TankMechanicSimulator\TankMechanicSimulator_Data \StreamingAssets\Textures

Uncommon location

This is when the game is on the separate drive to Stеam.

steamapps\common\TankMechanicSimulator\TankMechanicSimulator_Data \StreamingAssets\Textures

Now to Get Started

Now we open up our editing software comrade and make pictures for our museum to our liking.

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