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Friday, February 14, 2020

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Primordial Affinity Tips

Tips for getting more primordial affinity.

What is Primordial Affinity

Primordial affinity is a currency related to skills.

You can use it to increase your skill level by talking to Demetra in town. This is very usefull because leveling skills while fighting require lots of time.

You can also use it to reset your passive skill tree.

How to Get Primordial Affinity

You might loot Enneract during your play. Using it allow you to unlock new spell. However, if you already know the spell, it will give you Primordial Affinity.

Enneract bought from Demetra (and probably earned by quest) only give 10 primordial affinity while Enneract looted from mob and chest give 100 primordial affinity.


  • If you need Primordial Affinity, you can buy Enneract of spell you already know from Demetra. This will allow you to get 10 Primordial Affinity for 2000 gold.
  • If you loot a Enneract, you might want to check if Demetra doesn't sell the same Enneract. That way you can buy it for 2000 gold and then use the one you looted in order to get 100 Primordial Affinity.
  • For this reason, it might be a good idea to buy all Enneract you can from Demetra if you have enough gold. You can also stock looted Enneract not from the class you play in your personnal chest in order to use them after buying the Enneract from Demetra.

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